10 things you must know before you start packing.

10 things you must know before you start packing.

Who likes packing? No one! As much as fun and exciting, it sounds moving to a new place; packing can be a daunting task. Everyone at least once has wondered what the right way to pack is. To be very honest, there is never a right away! However, after moving, the majority have regrets with the planning, organisation and just the whole moving process. 

Well, we, packers and movers in Bangalore are here to share with you a few packing hacks that you can use to make your moving easier, faster and without any future regret!

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1. Create a moving binder!

Having a master moving binder can be one of the greatest strategies you can implement to organise each of your shifts. It enables you to keep track of your contracts, receipts and also helps you to consolidate all the tasks into one place that you can easily find. A moving binder usually includes checklists, utility company telephone numbers, contractors bids, purchase receipts and paperwork of the moving company. A moving binder enables you to keep track of all your work and stay organised. 

A printed customised checklist must be included!! Isn’t it hard to figure out what you need and when you need it? From our experience, Bangalore packers and movers got a solution to make that easier for you! For your upcoming relocation, create a comprehensive checklist and add it into your moving binder! Have a list of to-dos on hand for you to not forget anything and to work in a timely manner.

To make this whole process less boring and more fun, you can create your own customised moving list and perhaps, treat yourself with something small every time you end up ticking something. This will keep you excited about moving but at the same time get you with the moving!

2. Begin packing with the hardest thing that you have to shift

Before you just get into packing, remember to differentiate your stuff into categories; clothes, stationery, cutlery etc. By separating, you will be able to pack more faster in an organised manner. We recommend you to start packing with the hardest part. Ask yourself on which would be the hardest for you pack and start right there! After you finish doing the difficult part of your packing, you will have a sense of relief and a great feeling inside of you. This will automatically make it easier for you to pack others!

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3. Rent moving boxes

Moving out can be hectic in terms of shifting everything. To shift your necessary items, it is essential to have boxes to help you with the packing. We always encourage you to rent boxes, either plastic or cardboard; it is up to you! To know further about how this works, contact us! The Bangalore packers and movers ensure to provide the best packing service that you can get hold of!

Always ensure to keep extra boxes ready so that you can clearly shift out everything necessary without having to throw away anything or leave something behind. Firstly, we suggest you to label your moving boxes by your corresponding rooms. Each of your box can have a colour-coded label for you to identify which box belongs to which room. You can also use this colour coding to differentiate your stuff for you to spot your belongings easily.

So do not forget to colour code your boxes with your materials and always remember to purchase an extra box in case there might be more stuff that you might have to move!

Do not worry so much, this bit to the Bangalore Agarwal packers and movers! We will ensure to do all this for you and keep everything safe!

4. Make a list of what each box contains

Always ensuring that while you are packing to make a list of what each of the boxes contain. This will enable you to keep track of your belongings and help you out while you are unpacking! A trendy method would be numbering all the boxes and writing down the items list in correspondence to the numbered box. Other ways would be writing down the list and placing it inside the box or just taping the list outside.

This is a very important hack because at times, stuff can get misplaced and there is a high chance of someone also robbing the items inside. By keeping track of your stuff and even letting the shifting company know about it, will help you in not misplacing your stuff. Also, if necessary, take a picture of the inside of your box to be entirely sure no misplacing or losing happens!

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5. Transparent Ziplock bags for small stuff

Ensure to put your small items such as wires, chargers, earphones and other accessories into Ziplock bags before putting them into your boxes. Not only will they be misplaced, but they will also be protected. Ziplock bags can also be used to secure important papers and even furniture screws, but always name your Ziplock to be able to recognise them later. 

6. Plastic wrap to prevent leakage

If you are planning to shift any liquid toiletries and other opened items, always make sure to use a little bit of kitchen plastic wrap. At first, take the cap off your item and then place a small sheet of plastic over the opening and then, put the lid back on. This hack is very beneficial in terms of preventing stuff such as shampoos and lotions from leaking! From being extra careful about your stuff, we Bangalore packers and movers ensure to keep all your stuff safe!

7. Keep contact information of all your utility companies 

What happens if you want to cancel or transfer your utilities to a different location? Here’s a heads up! Always be sure to keep all your utility information in an organised format, and ensure to follow the list of the contacts that you will need for each monthly service provider. Utilities include internet, cable, water, gas, electricity and phone. Noting down this information will help you out later when you are in need of them. Do not forget to put the list back into your moving binder!

8. Use Space Saving Storage Bags to maximise the space

If you do not have enough space in your boxes, the best way to maximise your storage would be using Space Bags. Space Bags are super easy to use and can be beneficial to everyone while shifting something. Space Bags are usually used for clothes. All you have to do is fit in as many clothes as you can into these bags and then vacuum out the air; this will automatically minimise the space in your boxes!

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9. Donate the items that you do not want to shift

Are there any items that you do not want to shift and are in a good state? Donating them would the best choice! Make the list of the things that you do not want and then decide where you would want to give them. A few recommendations would be NGOs and orphanages! All you have to do is contact them and do this good deed! After giving them, keep hold of the tax-deductible donation receipts by placing them back into your moving binder! Donating your items would be the wisest choice rather than throwing them away since many people might want what you do not need!

10. Have a moving day essential box

Last but not least, do not forget to pack your moving day essential box. This is very important as it’s needed as soon as you shift into your new location. We recommend you to make this checklist beforehand, so you do not forget anything! A few of the essentials would include medications, ID cards, set of clothes and other necessities. 

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Hope this list of hacks can make your moving process easy, fast and regret-free. Best of luck and happy moving!